An: 2022

Retail Investing Surge Cushions Economic Downturn and Calls for Adequate Reforms

Date: 1st June 2022 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases Over the last two years, health-related restrictions and economic shutdowns had unforeseen effects on European capital markets. An increase in disposable income available for EU households to invest, and at least four and a half million[1] previously inactive EU savers

Last chance for Member States to support EU citizens as investors and finally ban Payment for Order Flow (PFOF)

Date: 30th May 2022 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases Member States have until 31 May to actively support transparent, efficient, and accessible equity markets for retail investors and submit their written comments to the French Presidency working on the Compromise Proposal for the review of MIFIR regulation. In order

European savers are set to lose hundreds of billions of euros in purchasing power in 2022 alone

Date: 2nd May 2022 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases 21 April 2022 | Financial repression poses a major problem for the protection of savers: policymakers must act and stop using savers’ cognitive biases to their detriment. Facts | On average, over the last 30 years, annual increases in consumer

Creditworthiness assessment for small loans: the key to prevent consumer over-indebtedness

Are small loans low risk for consumers? Our experience with buy-now-pay-later and payday loans tells us ‘no’. Check our new factsheet explaining the role of creditworthiness assessment for small loans Credit can help consumers to cover expenses requiring a high up-front investment or which may come unexpectedly, like a new

AURSF recomanda consumatorilor sa treaca de la ROBOR la IRCC

Bucuresti, 14.04.2022 In contextul majorarii accelerate a dobanzilor pe piata interbancara, Asociatia Utilizatorilor Romani de Servicii Financiare (AURSF) a analizat seriile de date aferente indicilor monetari folositi pentru calcularea ratelor de dobanda la creditele bancare pentru populatie (IRCC, ROBOR 3M, ROBOR 6M), de la introducerea IRCC, in luna mai a