Lună: noiembrie 2022

Joint Letter: Upcoming Retail Investment Strategy: debunking the “advice gap”

On 28 November 2022, BETTER FINANCE together with BEUC and Finance Watch, published a public letter addressed to Vice-President Dombrovskis, and Commissioners McGuinness and Reynders, to encourage them to continue with an ambitious approach with regards to the Retail Investment Strategy and the stated goal of creating bias-free advice. Download

Background: “EU Pensions seem doomed with ‘Financial Repression’ as the only game in town”

Date: 10th October 2022 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases Eurozone inflation mushroomed from 3.4% to 10% in one year, further deepening Europe’s cost-of-living crisis, yet the best the European Central Bank (ECB) could muster is a late and timid hike of interest rate from 0 to 0.75%. Financial repression

BETTER FINANCE Applauds and Supports Proposed Ban on Sales Commissions Paid to Retail Distributors of Investment Products

Date: 25th October 2022 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases BETTER FINANCE considers the recent proposal to ban “inducements” (commissions) in “retail” investment services to be a very significant milestone in investor protection and firmly urges EU Member States to also support it. EU authorities are currently working on the