Robo-advice: Automated? Yes. Intelligent? Not so much.

Extreme divergences between platforms and investor profiles in terms of asset allocation and expected returns reveal significant deficiencies in the suitability of the algorithms’ investment recommendations. From virtual meetings and parties to shopping and dating online, people have en masse moved countless aspects of their lives into the virtual sphere

The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and Financial Inclusion Europe join BETTER FINANCE

BETTER FINANCE is pleased to announce the affiliation of two new associate member organisations. The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion (Pörssisäätiö), based in Helsinki, and Financial Inclusion Europe (FiInE), based in Brussels, are the latest organisations to join BETTER FINANCE’s ranks, bringing the total number of member organisations to 39,


On 29 September the BETTER FINANCE Scientific Council convened to discuss next year’s research programme and elect a chairperson. The extensive research work carried out by the BETTER FINANCE Team over the last year was also praised by the Council. The Scientific Council consists of highly skilled and experienced independent

Expropriation of Investors in Slovenian Banks ruled a Violation of Property Rights by European Court of Human Rights

BETTER FINANCE, the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users, joins its Slovenian Member, the Pan-Slovenian Shareholders’ Association (VZMD), in welcoming the recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that the wipe-out of shares and bonds (the “bail-in”) held by shareholders and junior bondholders of the

Slovenian BETTER FINANCE Member, VZMD’s President Kristjan Verbi?: “Encouraging people with nearly €24 billion worth of deposits in the Slovenian banks to let their savings strengthen the Slovenian economy through the capital market would benefit them and the entire community!”

A month before the International investor conference and the meeting of the European Federation of Investors and the Financial Services Users (BETTER FINANCE) and the World Federation of Investors (WFI) in Slovenia, the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) published an interview with the VZMD President, mag. Kristjan Verbi?. In it, mag. Verbi? touches

Empower the new generations of EU citizens as pension savers to engage corporations into a Sustainable Corporate Governance

BETTER FINANCE strongly supports the goals of the new initiative on Sustainable Corporate Governance launched by the European Commission in order to reconcile economic growth, social progress, corporate governance and environmental protection, which is a vital and very urgent necessity. But this has to be based on the right assumptions.