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European savers are set to lose hundreds of billions of euros in purchasing power in 2022 alone

Date: 2nd May 2022 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases 21 April 2022 | Financial repression poses a major problem for the protection of savers: policymakers must act and stop using savers’ cognitive biases to their detriment. Facts | On average, over the last 30 years, annual increases in consumer

Creditworthiness assessment for small loans: the key to prevent consumer over-indebtedness

Are small loans low risk for consumers? Our experience with buy-now-pay-later and payday loans tells us ‘no’. Check our new factsheet explaining the role of creditworthiness assessment for small loans Credit can help consumers to cover expenses requiring a high up-front investment or which may come unexpectedly, like a new

AURSF recomanda consumatorilor sa treaca de la ROBOR la IRCC

Bucuresti, 14.04.2022 In contextul majorarii accelerate a dobanzilor pe piata interbancara, Asociatia Utilizatorilor Romani de Servicii Financiare (AURSF) a analizat seriile de date aferente indicilor monetari folositi pentru calcularea ratelor de dobanda la creditele bancare pentru populatie (IRCC, ROBOR 3M, ROBOR 6M), de la introducerea IRCC, in luna mai a