An: 2023

AURSF sustine limitarea pretului contractelor RCA

Bucuresti, 23.03.2023 In contextul situatiei intervenite prin retragerea autorizatiei de functionare a Euroins, liderul de piata din zona asigurarilor de raspundere civila auto (RCA), Asociatia Utilizatorilor Romani de Servicii Financiare (AURSF) sustine principiul limitarii pretului contractelor RCA, pentru a preintampina explozia acestora pana la niveluri care sa le faca inaccesibile

It is time to address the negative impacts of the conflicts of interest generated by sales commissions in the distribution of investment products to European savers

Date: 3rd March 2023 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases On 2 March 2023, BETTER FINANCE was one of the two organisations representing individual investors and financial users invited by the European Commission (together with 5 financial industry representatives) to address representatives of EU Member States at a “Government Expert

BETTER FINANCE joins forces in collective redress for individual Airbus investors

Date: 22nd February 2023 Author: BETTER FINANCE Type: Press Releases BETTER FINANCE, The European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users, joins forces with Stichting Investor Loss Compensation (SILC), assisting Airbus shareholders recover losses resulting from Airbus’ involvement in bribery practices and other wrongful conducts. Largest ever penalty on global

BETTER FINANCE calls on EU legislators to stop helping the expansion of large (mostly non-EU) dark traders and to protect retail investors instead

10 February 2023 | As EU policymakers continue their negotiations on the MiFIR review, BETTER FINANCE is increasingly alarmed that the regulation could severely hurt retail investors, by putting in place a market structure further benefitting dark Systematic Internalisers (SIs). Ignoring the previous plea from BETTER FINANCE and going against

Great Returns for Great Values: the “Gateway to Responsible Investing” goes LIVE

BETTER FINANCE is excited to announce the launch of its much-needed “Gateway to Responsible Investing”, responding to the lack of independent, transparent and clear information on how to invest in a climate-aligned and sustainable way! Besides providing educational information on matters such as ESG, impact investing and greenwashing, the gateway

Ce a facut AURSF pentru romani in 2022

Dragi prieteni, Anul 2022 a adus multe noutati in activitatea Asociatiei Utilizatorilor Romani de Servicii Financiare (AURSF), dar am continuat si proiectele incepute anterior. La nivel national, in 2022 AURSF a devenit membra a Consiliului Consultativ de pe langa Autoritatea Nationala pentru Protectia Consumatorilor (ANPC) si ne-am continuat activitatea in